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Quality Policy Statement

o Laboratory of Inspectorate of Army Stores and Clothing (IAS&C) is committed to meet customers’ testing requirements while ensuring sustainability, maintenance and improvement of quality of their services and management system on the basis of ISO 17025, to achieve customers’ satisfaction and defined test specifications  
o The Management has developed and implemented Laboratory Management System along with training plans for guidance of staff members to ensure compliance with ISO 17025 at all levels
o Laboratory does not involve itself in activities that may be considered illegal, unethical and / or may create non-compliance with the international standard ISO 17025 requirements
o Laboratory’s Management ensures that Lab Staff works without any undue pressure that may have unwanted affects in calibration and internal activities
o Laboratory’s Management ensures protection of confidential information belonging to stakeholders and customers
o Laboratory will continually improve their Laboratory Management System in a way that it remains compliant with the International Standard ISO/IEC 17025 and applicable regulations

Customer Complaint Resolution Policy

o Laboratory of IAS&C considers their Customer’s requirements to be its highest priority. Therefore, the Management ensures that all customer complaints are resolved within 48 hours of their recording with utmost care given to customer’s satisfaction
o Customer related issues shall be treated as regular part of management review agendas

Policy for Control of Non Conforming Work

o Staff members of IAS&C will observe and report any Nonconformity during their testing activities. In order to contain the situation and its rectification, they shall follow the assigned responsibilities and take actions through Corrective and Preventive Action Procedure
o The evaluation of Nonconformity will be thoroughly done and documented, while leading to immediate corrective action
o In case the Nonconformity is critical and affects customers property or requirement, lab will formally notify the customer
o Resumption of work under a Non-Conforming situation will only be decided by Authorized lab staff only

Policy for Corrective Actions

o Laboratory of IAS&C shall take corrective actions on non-conformities wherever identified in the scope of laboratory work which includes non-conforming work, departures from policies and procedures, management and technical activities by following Corrective and Preventive Action Procedure
o Appropriate authorities will be designated to implement corrective actions; wherever necessary, corrective actions will be determined after comprehensive root cause analysis
o Corrective Actions taken will be reviewed for their effectiveness and may be required to be re-investigated in case of unexpected or below expectation results

Purchase Policy

o Laboratory of IAS&C will purchase supplies, services and equipment while following the terms and conditions described under Armed Force Purchase Manual and ensuring that records are generated and kept for traceability
o Quality and Compliance to specifications will be ensured through comprehensive inspection by Laboratories on receipt

Training Policy

o Management of IAS&C shall ensure through internal and external trainings that all staff members involved in testing activities are adequately trained and perform their testing activities as defined in the respective Standard Test Methods
o Management shall ensure that staff members are periodically evaluated to measure their level of competence and to identify any areas of weakness which can be rectified through additional trainings

Record Retention Policy

o Management of IAS&C ensures that all operational records are retained based on the instructions provided by Armed Forces of Pakistan, whereas all records related to Quality documentation (ISO 17025) shall be retained for 3 years at least